About Me

My name is Mehmet Kut. I am a Software Engineer currently working in Ceviz Bilgi Teknolojileri of team at Azure. I started my professional career in 2007 after completing my graduation as Bachelor in IT. Since beginning of my professional career I have been working in .NET and its surrounding ecosystem.

I am a technology enthusiast and love to dig in emerging technologies. Most of my working hours are spent on creating architecture, evaluating upcoming products and developing frameworks. In career, I have designed architecture and successfully delivered products for multiple companies. Currently I am obsessed with Azure, ASP.NET Core and have been following it since it was announced.

Outside professional life, I spend most my time hanging out with my wife, reading books, keeping myself up to date with new technologies and trying to break (into) stuffs.☺

If you want to chat, you can get in touch with me on twitter @mehmetkut.

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